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About Jody Phillips

A native of Jacksonville, Jody Phillips has been proudly serving as the Clerk of the Circuit Court since January 2021. With a robust background spanning over 35 years in both the public and private sectors, Jody’s journey in public service began in 2011 at the Duval County Courthouse. Over the years, Jody has prioritized building strong relationships with community stakeholders, the court system, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, related agencies, and members of the public at-large. Prior to his election as Clerk, Jody held the position of Chief Operating Officer for the Clerk’s Office, a role he assumed in 2017.

Commitment to Excellence:

Upon assuming office, Jody embarked on an extensive certification program tailored for newly elected Clerks, known as the New Clerk Academy. This comprehensive program, totaling 240 hours of rigorous training and education, delves into the myriad statutory duties of the Clerk. As a testament to his dedication, Jody proudly carries the designation of a Certified Florida Clerk (CFC).

Initiatives and Achievements:

Jody’s tenure as Clerk has been marked by the implementation of numerous initiatives aimed at assisting members of the public. Among these initiatives are the introduction of a free Property Fraud Alert, the Let’s Drive Jax! program—a comprehensive driver’s license reinstatement initiative, and expanded passport application hours, all designed to enhance public service and accessibility.

Statewide Recognized Leadership

In February 2023, Jody was elected to the CCOC Executive Council, an esteemed body comprising eight members elected by their fellow Clerks. The Executive Council plays a pivotal role in setting business and budgetary policy for Clerks across the State of Florida, further solidifying Jody’s commitment to advancing the interests of Clerks statewide.

Deep Jacksonville Roots

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jody’s most cherished role is that of a devoted husband to his wife Susan, and a proud father and grandfather to his two children and four grandchildren.


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